Coxwell Physiotherapy Centre is your locally owned and operated physiotherapy facility in Aurora with one goal i.e. providing a place where you come to get better. With an array of widely practiced treatment methods, we are passionate about the diagnosis and treatment of the spine, sports, muscle and joint injuries.

For past many years, we are dedicated to helping people recover from the spine, sports, muscle and joint pains and injuries. With our comprehensive treatments and evidence-based care, we are constantly helping our patients in feeling better. We offer clear, open and honest advice about your injury and the right ways to treat it.

Our registered physiotherapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists aim to exceed your expectation by carefully listening to your concerns. We formulating a treatment plan with your best interests at heart. No matter, your pain is acute or chronic, just come to us to feel better.

Improving Your Quality Of Life With The Right Diagnosis

At Coxwell Physiotherapy Centre, our Aurora based health practitioners will access your body to identify the exact classification or cause of the pain. We diagnose, treat and offer a long-term, and effective treatment solutions that not only provide relieve but also improves the entire body movement. We can get you back to the things you like to do, without suffering from pain.

Since the basic requirement of the human body is its ability to move, we are all about improving your quality of life through movement. Whether it's an individual joint or muscle function, we can restore your body movement to its maximum potential.

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