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Physiotherapists are Helping Corona Patients – Here’s How

Physiotherapists are Helping Corona Patients - Here’s How This crucial time of the Covid-19 Pandemic is taking a toll on millions of people all around the globe. Doctors, nurses and so many corona warriors are never off duty for so many months. Don’t get surprised if we tell you that there is a major role of physiotherapists in the treatment of the covid-19 coronavirus. 

During this difficult time, physiotherapists are helping out by monitoring patients. They keep a check on the need of patients suffering from respiratory diseases. They take care of a person’s oxygen levels, blood test results, lung scans, etc. Oxygen therapy is very essential for patients suffering from pulmonary dysfunction.  

Physiotherapy – A blessing

People who get hospitalized for months, even with mild disease spend time in isolation. This decreases their activity level and thus reduces muscle strength. Physiotherapists encourage these patients to perform light exercises. This maintains the functional capacity of their body.

Physiotherapy is also useful for patients with having injuries and movement problems during the pandemic. Therapists are taking sessions through video appointments. Book your appointment with us today. 

Many people suffering from the coronavirus are facing an issue of dry cough resulting in excess mucus. Physiotherapists help these patients in doing breathing exercises which helps them cough up mucus on their own. They advise them on the correct positioning and breathing techniques for their body.

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Coxwell Physiotherapy is available 24*7 for people looking for a physiotherapist in their nearby location. Feel free to reach out to us. Our professionals will give you all the necessary care. Call us right away. Get the best treatment from the top-class level of therapists. Whether you have chronic pain or a recent injury to recover from, we are the perfect physiotherapist for you.

How To Keep Yourself Safe At A Physiotherapy Clinic?

How To Keep Yourself Safe At A Physiotherapy Clinic? Health has become and should be the main priority of every individual. You have to take care of yourself, especially when you are stepping out of your house. As you are more prone to contamination, you ought to take specific measures.

Ensure that you must consider the following points made sure by Coxwell Physiotherapy Centre if you are visiting your physiotherapy clinic. 


You should know that the clients and the staff are well screened before your appointment every day to eliminate any possible risk. Some physiotherapy clinics also provide a form for the screening of COVID-19.

Maintain Physical Distance

As guided by the healthcare professionals to avoid the coronavirus’s contamination, it is essential to maintain 6 feet of distance from other individuals. When you step out of your house, you should maintain physical distance and cover your face with a mask. Also, the staff in the office should be keeping the distance.

Use of PPE

The staff and patients should always have their masks on (N95 masks)- the main aim is to cover the face. In the clinic, you can act yourself if you forgot yours or do not have one at present.

Enhanced Cleaning/Disinfection

The clinic should be inclined to use the proper disinfectant sprays or cleaners to sanitize the place. Also, the physiotherapist must wash hands before and after treating a patient.

Staggered Appointment Times

Make sure that the appointments made at the clinic do not overlap with other patients. If you find that you are having trouble maintaining a time, talk to your therapist about it.

Are you looking for a Physiotherapist in Aurora? Call the trusted specialists of Coxwell Physiotherapy Centre.

Tips to Make Your Physio Rehab Plan a Success

Tips to Make Your Physio Rehab Plan a Success Rehab can be an overwhelming assignment. Everyone appreciates arriving at the ultimate objective, however, it’s the excursion to the objective that is the most troublesome part. Rehab fluctuates from individual to individual; a few people progress speedier than others. It is essential to stay persistent! 

Try to Comprehend Your Recovery Plan Completely

Having a decent comprehension of why you are doing the activities and understanding the advantages of them will additionally lead you down the right recovery way. It is your physiotherapist’s responsibility to completely instruct you on the recovery plan so if you have any inquiries try to pose.

Put Stock in Your Recovery Plan

Your physiotherapist will give you activities to do at home, alongside way of life guidance to consolidate into your day by day schedule. The main tip is to have faith in the treatment plan that your physiotherapist gives you. Trusting in the arrangement will help you stay on course going ahead. Your physiotherapist is a specialist in development and exercise solution, and comprehends what is best for you!

Stay Active

Ensure that you keep on being as dynamic as conceivable during your recovery plan. Active work is the best type of medication. The degree of the movement that you can finish relies upon your condition. Walking, swimming and cycling are on the whole incredible types of actual work to proceed with during a recovery plan.

Plan Out Your Day

Your physiotherapist will probably request that you complete your activity plan 2-3 times each day. The most ideal approach to ensure that you do the activities however much as could be expected is by arranging explicit time allotments to do the activities. The most ideal approach to do this may be to get up 30 minutes sooner, perhaps doing the activities when you get in from work, or leave 30 minutes toward the day’s end to fit the activities in.

Set Objectives

Defining sensible transient objectives can be helpful to keep you on target with your recovery plan. Everyone’s objectives contrast and it is essential to talk about these with your physiotherapist.

Looking for the perfect physiotherapist in Aurora? Coxwell Physiotherapy Centre is the ideal place to get started! Connect with us today!

Commandments of Physiotherapy- What Should a Physio Abide by?

Commandments of Physiotherapy- What Should a Physio Abide by? Physiotherapy is not only about treating an ailment or health issue of a patient visiting you. It is much more than that. We have often come across people guiding you what not to do! But, what we actually need to hear is what we shall abide by!

Not everyone can be a good physiotherapist, it requires a certain skill and knowledge to be able to provide good treatment. Physiotherapy treatment involves working with muscles, joints, tensions,

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